Established in 2002, Creative Care Solutions Medical is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company, specialising in the manufacturing of Complementary Medicines (i.e. Homoeopathically, Nutritional and Dietary Supplement products). 


Creative Care Solutions Medical is a market-driven organisation committed to the principle that the purpose of a business is to attract and satisfy customers at a profit.

Creative Care Solutions Medical has a three-level focus:

·        Commitment to a set off Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), beliefs and values that permeate all aspects and activities, that are;

·        guided by a deep and shared understanding of consumers’ needs and behaviour, and competitors’ capabilities and intentions, for the purpose of;

·        achieving superior performance by satisfying customers better than the competitors.

We offer value-added activities that are performed in a way that leads to perceived superiority along dimensions that are valued by customers. Customers pay a premium for benefits and the premium exceed the added cost of superior performance.

Creative Care Solutions Medical differentiate our products and services on the:

·        Provision of superior service or technical assistance competence through speed and responsiveness.

·        Provision of superior quality that reduces customer cost and improves their performance.

·        Offer innovative product features that employ new trends.


Our strategy is to offer the client a "One-Stop-Shop” approach.  Through this approach, Creative Care Solutions Medical can develop the customer’s product from initiation to finished product. This "one stop-shop” approach entails:

·        Formulation Development and Flavouring.  

·        Raw Material Sourcing.  

·        Raw Material and Container/Packaging Purchasing.  

·        Trail Batch Manufacturing.  

·        Developing and printing of packaging.  

·        Packaging.  

·        Assistance with registration of medicines.  

·        Just-In-Time supply system.

Creative Care Solutions Medical offer more than just a manufacturing capability, with our main focus on customer satisfaction.

Standards and Quality

Creative Care Solutions Medical operates according to the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, is approved by the Pharmacy Council and the Medicine Control Council approval is in process. We enforce a strict confidentiality code.  Our unique computer based purchasing, manufacturing and distribution program ensures batch traceabilty and compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Our short lead times and low minimum order quantities have an advantage to the customer that they do not have to order big minimum order quantities and do not have to carry large amounts of stock that leads to improves the customers cash flow.

Creative Care Solutions Medical has grown in both size and scope and is fast becoming a leading contract manufacturer for the South African complementary medicines industry.


Our company is strategically situated in Centurion, Gauteng, where the market is large enough to utilise economies of scale and it is close to the main wholesalers and suppliers of raw materials.